More non-premier 6*s please


Kinda disappointed when Yvette turned out to be a premier recruit after all the hype and stuff, but what did I expect really? Anyway, it’s nice that you have a list of older epics that are planned to be ascendable before 2018. One problem though: the list is too small. More ascendable epics need to be pushed out at a much faster rate than it ever was before, especially after the 6* stat buff. I have a list of epics that people would love to be ascendable from the old forums, so I can pull that up if needed.


They’re definitely putting the $tre$$ on Premier rather than classics. Very di$appointed as well.


Yeah. $ucks, doe$n’t it?


Look at the legendaries that are available most of them are premier recruits only in the beginning they put some old school toons up for ascendes. We really need more ascendable old school toons. Thank you scopley


Ye$. It doe$.


The whole reason for the power boost for 6s was in my opinion bc no one was pulling like they did before. So now they will roll out premier 6 after 6 to try to recreate how things were before 6s were introduced. Classic characters will be much more far and between. Hopefully more people tell them no with their wallets.


I still can’t fully grasp why they would break their promise and make 6s available from pulls AND buff 6*s on top of that… If they want more money, they are doing it wrong. I wouldn’t pull 6s to make better teams just to keep earning garbage prizes from events.


I thought by now there would be quite a few older characters made ascendable. It’s getting pretty monotonous fighting almost the same miraboobs/carl lead teams.


Wow, I didn’t know SSSniperWolf from YouTube plays this game. That’s awesome you play this. :grinning:


This direction is insulting for every player. I don’t get why they don’t re-release more old stuff? Not everyone have (or still have) a certain toon… They could still make much money and ppl would be more satisfied. Satisfaction leads to payment. Ppl are atm not satisfied so noone buys your s***. #90pullsforoneBene

Seriously 4 ppl in my rank 1 faction left since they have increased the stats… Our biggest (and one of the last) Payer also stop pulling… well played Scopely…


Just a bump.

A bump with the list of old 5*s that need to be ascendable.

yellow Morgan?
safety behind bars Rick?
green Abraham?
blue Governor?
miles behind us Tyreese?
red Clementine?
life and death Ezekiel?
what comes after Carl?
a larger world Michonne?
Andrea? (original)
all out war Jesus?
dual pistol Sandy?
Ezekiel? (original)
made to suffer Hershel?
a larger world Gregory?
all out war Andrea?
blue Eric?
telltale special Oberson?
all that remains Christa?
all out war Dwight?


This is a really good release schedule. +1


there is way too many 5* and at this pace it will take 2+ years



oof I’m too late


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:crystal_ball: Signs point to yes


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Are there any more 6* leaks? I can’t go to VK to find out myself.