More non-premier 6*s please


At the current rate it will take more than 5 years to make every 5* ascendable. This is not acceptable.


Open the Monument in game, and it lists the 6-starts by release. Look at the last 7 or 8 and count how many are premiere and how many are obtainable for f2p. That is our future.


At the current rate by the time they even get 50% of them done we will all be messing around with virtual reality games and fucking too many robot women to even care how many stars yellow Morgan has.

Jesus green (5 stars) human shield

I have 224 five stars documented in my spreadsheet. I think I’m pretty close, hoping to reconcile the tough characters today against another person’s list and find the last one I’m missing.

When I first talked to @Justin, I vastly underestimated the number of 5*s. It’s not five years; it’s closer to ten.


Ha! I missed the free five-star Glenn. 225.

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Worst part about the slow rollout is we are forced to hold onto all five stars or fear missing out on a potential great 6*. I don’t want to sell red rick only to see him become a legendary shield in 2028


At least by then you may have logged in enough to be Prestige 13


Can’t I but that on vk? Maybe they offer a bundle with 5 weapons, a gernade and prestige 13?


Bump… and more premier 6*s…


Bumping this rather than starting a new topic…Any update on when we will see some non new characters ascendable?


Ikr they keep sayin they don’t have enough toons and they keep sellin new promos , what a fuckin joke


Thanks for bumping this. I’m afraid there are no updates as of right now. Sad.


What did yall expect? Im not suprised at all.


Agreed. Just more scopley BS and lies. Open your wallets or put up with it. War is very dull. Same teams. Poor rewards. Please listen scopley ffs. Release some non premier toons!!


Saying they don’t have 6* ready to serve buuuut then they give us new premier 6s (from a roullete they said themselves "wouldn’t contain 6 cuz no shortcuts to success") is really getting old.
Not all people can be fooled forever and games are supposed to be enticing and fun2play.
Waiting untill 2018 for oldies to become ascendable is beyond boring and not fun.:v:t3:

PS: Making fast DA’s for these new 6* is the same thing scoply did with 5*.
Even then 4*/5* took a while to upgrade all the way too. (unless you were winning tourneys).


Resurrecting this thread from the dead just to say I’m extremely disappointed with all the new legendary toons that ended up on premier recruits. It’s been way too long since we had an old 5*s become ascendable. Just release the leaked 6s based off of the older 5s! They have been designed since August! Why not just roll them out already?


As of right now, the current pace is one old 5* becomes ascendable every 2 or 3 months. Since there are 225, it will take at least 37.5 years to have every old 5* become ascendable.


What everyone fails to understand is they never planned to ascend them all. I know they said they will but this is a hard reset and they might give us an OG ascendable every 2 or 3 months… Naw they dont plan to ascend them. This was all baloney.


I remember reading it takes 6 weeks to create a character. Now, cut that in half because the 5* version is already there. 3 weeks time 225 existing 5* toons and you’re left with 675 weeks. They will never make all toons ascendable.


Well at the rate they are going that 3 weeks thing doesn’t work either, Siddiq war was september 15, shane was september 29, and we just got dwight. These are the last 3 non premier recruits or not brand new recruits added to the game. so we are averaging about 1 per month. When you really look at it Shane was the last ascendable 5* that was around before ascendance so every 2 months adds a lot of time to that equation. So multiply that 675 weeks by 2 at least.