More & More S class as fast as you can scopley

First let me say thanks for the big update and the good choice you have made scopley .
I know some peoples will say WTF! Are you talking about .
I don’t blame them cause they don’t see the full advantage of S class , and of course they don’t trust scopley anymore , that’s a fact and no body need to hide it

However in order to get your clients trust again scopley ,

1-I think you should bring more & more S class of the upcoming toons in the 5* tokens wheel

Let’s say one f2p s class weekly alongside with a promo each week as well , and please don’t do you same old mistakes at making S class promo way much stronger than the f2p one
The game is dying one or two more mistakes and we’re donne

For example week 1 : priya , Erika
Week 2 : Morgan , promo 2
Week 3 : Tobin , promo 3 …

Maybe you can do even more by doing some legacy S class , will be back at that later

2- never ever think of doing a bide or payback s class or any other stupid specialist within s class like you did I with 5 and 6 stars

3- (lagacy S class)we all know many players (spenders) spent hundreds and thousands of dollars at your game to get some good toons lately , and they felt so desperate when they saw Priya . cause now they know they spent hundreds for nothing . in order to fix that
I suggests that you made a lagacy S class list
And please please remember no payback and no bide in that list and any other list

4- please a better rewards for tournament and a better timer , a lvl up for +48 h is way toooo much

Hope a nice day for everyone .

I’ve seen my share of morons on this forum, but u my man, just outdid them all


Take this mans keyboard please.

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