More mod scraps


Scopely, increase the amount of mod scraps we receive a day. The amount we get a day barely even levels a single mod. :sleeping: :zzz:


Sorry but I am completely fine with the scraps and don’t have a problem just curious but did you participate in the in the survival road as that gave player about 120,000

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The last SR gave 57k mate. Where did you get 120k from😂


You dont need this nothing to see here


You’re obviously speaking for yourself bro


“I don’t need it so nobody else does”

I find it cyclical. I will have tons of scrap and no mods worth leveling and then I will have tons of mods and no scrap for them. It would be nice to have a steady flow of mods and access to scrap. Removing or increasing the daily amount would help. Overall we should be able to hold more than 130k. Even if someone doesn’t need the extra, why turn down the idea. Something minor that helps some of the community shouldn’t be so ignorantly dismissed.

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Don’t know maybe I already had some left over but I had 500K and a bit left over by the end


You must suck in event ranks to not be drowning in mods to level up

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They should definitely up the amount of scraps you can get per day. With farming regularly, raid, Sr, and hordes events, the scrap cap is met very quickly.

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When did I ever say I don’t have mods to level?


Yeah he is on about scraps the thing that is much easier to obtain and you use them to upgrade mods


We need a lot more of everything problem is you can only grind for so much of it and the truth is they really just expect everyone to pay for it.

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