More misleading Max Mods rewards! Proof inside! This one fixed

As I brought up here-

It seems they are up to the misleading again.
With the new bonus rewards it is even more extreme
Look at the first picture, if you happen to fork over the $1k to do 100 x40 pulls you get that bag.

You get Max Mods again, again it is a random chance at either the Max Mods box or x10 gold Max Mods!

But here’s were it gets even better! You open the box and while it does say Max Gold Mods it shows silver and bronze.

So can we now as players come together as one to get them to fix this and also fix and compensate those of us robbed of Maxed Mods rewards in the last hordes event???

This clearly something they did wrong not us who worked our ass off to get the hordes 132 and claim milestones! Instead of trying to say “it’s in the word chance\random” or other bullshit and down playing it.

Clearly the use of the word chance\random on both this reward and hordes, only means you can either get the single item Max Mod or get lucky to get the x10 Max Mods, but again I’ll bet people will get just regular Mods.

This one has been fixed without any communication.


are these screen shots ones that you took and did you pay 1k dollars for this

Yes screenshots. But, Go to events “bonus rewards” and look for yourself.
No I don’t spend anymore but I don’t want anyone ripped off!
To get 400 premium pulls you need to do x10 40 pulls on the wheel to keep math simple 1 40 pull is around $100 so 100x10=1000. So it is be more or less for some like I said keeping math simple.

so if you are not spending then how do you have those shots or can you get this with no payment sorry i am still not having any access to the game now

It is there for everyone to see.

i am locked from the game so no i can not see i am just asking why you are saying it is 1k dollars to get but you do not spend and you have the shots of it sorry for the confusion here

No problem kook, but most players know it cost about $100 for enough gold to do 1 x40 pull. Some it will cost more some less, like if they buy x10 pulls 40x, it will cost more then $1000 to do.

thats a blessing in disguise trust me!


I have to be making one of the clearest cases for compensation right people? Please don’t let this every be in vain!
I, like many don’t get much in game, so misleading rewards is a huge kick in the nuts!

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It’s normal there’s never any transparency (shady practices):hugs:

ok i see what you are saying here

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Thank you, I just want them to make it right!
I know I give them tons of grief most days but I never lie about what had been done. I in my own life like it when people hold me to a high standard. If I make a mistake only way to sometime know is to be told or reminded.

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To clarify yes those are also my own screenshots in the other post as well. If you were asking about them ones.

It is misleading and not " miss leading "

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Thanks I was half asleep when I wrote the title but got it right in what I wrote.

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@LadyGeek do you think you could pass this on so it gets fixed and to get the hordes rewards fixed?

for the horde milestone were we supposed to get 25 of the exact same mods ?

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It said random but with scopely RNG that is possible. My problem is that it said we’d get MAX MODS, I like probably the majority who hit the milestones, did not!
I’m also positive most did not even know. Only reason I noticed is that I never once gotten good mod outcomes from the rng. So you probably imagine how excited I was for once to get them, only to find out what was stated as offered, was not what I got.

I got 25 attack v alert


Well done! :grinning: