More limited time territories

For red velvet cakes and s class items! Bring it back!!


Yes we all need this

Last time we asked for this it was just 1 territory so if that’s the case I’d rather them just not do it at all


Need Liliths and Ulysses

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The game is bottle necked for everyone in certain areas right now it’s very annoying.

They need to open them all! Not just 1 or 2.


I think it’s on the schedule for this week before war.

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3 or more or bust

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely if there is anything that you guys should have learned recently it is that NOBODY AT ALL enjoys territories with only one or two open.

Please go back to the first time u ran them with 5+ territories open. Why not shoot for the stars and open them all!? Give more facs a chance.



It is on the schedule for “territory”. Not territories. Covering their ass for when they do 1 single special territory. We must change that lol


I’m getting sick of having velvet cakes and not being able to use them since I dont have any of the toons they put up


This time there will be a bug where none will be open even tho the event is going on

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Itll be one territory for doaist beads every hour, and Chihuahua plushies at the end.


3 hours for 10 items… we need stop giving them ideas lol. Seriously how about 3 open for wave 1 2 for wave 2 and 1 for wave 3 and also make them choice boxes.

Yes for “territory”

I believe it was confirmed that there would be more than one… which probably means two lol

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Hope it’s 1 territory for chocolate cakes or keys cause im close to pete or lao po and with 1 territory my region can suck it and cry in gc like they always do while my fac collects s class items.

You must be fun at parties


Limited territories should have a proviso where the defending team loses all stamina if defeated OR cost 2 energy to place.

As it stands, it costs 1 energy to place a team, but a minimum of 2 energy to remove a team, hence greatly benefiting the team that is defending. On top of that, placing a team is obviously always successful whereas attacking is not. It is hugely slanted in the defenders favour.

They should give a reward on capture too, especially if they keep up bottlenecked numbers with 2hour prize timers

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