More limited time territories plz!

The last limited time territories where great scopely
Why can’t we have them more often , with some limited time tokens as rewards ?
We should have them once a week at least .

What so the game can crash even more and waste our fuel causing more frustration? No thanks.

The last limited time territories were a joke. Had to hold for 2 hours for a crate and 24 hours for 1 lilith? How is that great when compared to the previous limited territory meta? Imo it was garbage compared to previous ones.

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^^^^^^ This, entirely.

Not only was the timeframe of the last territory event a joke, but my faction held the Lilith territory for 22 hours, then a glitch booted us all out & returned it to walkers :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

My region the whales number 1 alliance held 3 whole time. It’s a horrible. Idea please never bring it back. Right now whale team holding 5 areas past week number 2 faction can’t knock them out. I guess keep catering to them.

Should be limited to holding just 1.

In regions with a fairer player base these events are shared out, we only hold one & let the region fight it out for the others.

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