More Lilliths/Aden’s needed

Having Ulysses as the more rare trainer makes sense.
Sure active skills are really useful now but I’m sure most don’t mind building there toons active skills usefulness slowly.

But Aden and Illliths need to be easy to get ahold of.
I’ve bought plenty of premier toons but can’t use them for months after.
And it’s not due to ascendancy…I think Scopley have improved a lot with leg tokens and Benedicts.
But due to ARs been so hard to move up.
I have a queue of over 10 6*s waiting at around level 1-3 AR…not been able to use them with even half there potential so long hurts…especially those who buy more toons.

Scopley I thinks you should consider ways to make these more earnable or farmable.
It puts people off buying new toons when they have ones they bought a month ago waiting for AR levels with aload of others. (Even if they jump the queue.)


Maybe I am just lucky. I currently have 27 lilith’s and 3 adens. All my primary 6s have AR that is maxed or 9/10 (going higher has no advantage). My other 6s are 5/10 or better. I do use the 5 day AR level.

I use the ar scav missions and pray rng gives me adens on elite item token wheel, and yeah sr depot is a good place to grab adens also.

First time finding one in this road map

Nice pull, 4* weapon & lillith cg! :slight_smile:


I use large droppers and I can’t find any Liliths…they are good at hiding