More justice in opponents' choices

The matchmaking of the game needs to be improved. There is a long delay or even a huge inequality that makes ordinary players face in-app shoppers. As new characters are released in the game, this inequality increases. Now with the arrival of the character Frost, human shield S. This causes discouragement as it does not provide fair dispute.

That’s when leveling/upgrading toons becomes an art and a science. If you only level up toons you get without an strategy l, you end up w teams where toons don’t have any synergy.

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And the higher your grade the harder your opponents would be

And when you wait for 5 hours searching for an opponent that matches up to your faction vs those in app purchasers please remember your post here and why you lose the power to complain.


Rich gets richer and poor gets poorer! :sweat_smile:

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