More joke rewards

Title enough said :frowning: Keep on surviving


Maybe phrase it better as they may think you want more joke rewards.


I do not think it would mater from this joke of a company. Seems very fitting if I must say.


just saw that, raid has no collectibles… just random wpn crafting stuff.

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In the meantime already 2.4k in my region. So why should Scopely bother :man_facepalming:

Understandable, it’s how many that counts, me personally will be keeping hold of my 435 raid cans

Competition is the name of the game, I see no reason to compete


It’s probably for the best that the rewards are such crap because for me at least searching for the few people who are willing to drop def in order to avoid getting spanked by the mega whale impossible to beat defenses with a joke of a f2p peasant team isn’t much fun.

In fact, it’s no fun at all. I want an actual fair competition with a semblance of balance across the board. Being a whale should just get you things faster not give you complete and total dominance. Just how many new abilities have been added in the last few months and not a single one of them have been made available f2p.

There is literally no part of this game design that isn’t broken.


There is literally no part of this slot machine that doesn’t work as intended. Fixed it for you. :sunglasses:


Well if the intention is to piss off the bulk of their player base and drive most of them off as well then you are absolutely correct…it’s working as intended.

Every day I continue to bother with this POS “game” is another day I ask myself why. Addiction is one cruel mistress. :wink:


Rewards are so bad it’s beyond ridiculous


Playing for armory tokens rn it’s crazy, where are collectibles, everything in game is messed up, rewards,gear, faction events,so many damn bugs, I really don’t know what to say anymore

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Delightful = “easy button”

Where is delight in fighting the same Pete weekly op promos? Sounds like those flunkies need to play their game and see how shit it is.

Anyone want a better balanced game? Epic seven is really fun no dupes can be used on the same team. Events that get you resources you need. World maps that give you the resources you need to upgrade characters. Grindable missions that progress you to 5* characters.

What’s this game offer? For those who are online to benefit their f ups?

No thank you.


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