More interaction between old and new players


One of the total gaps in the game is the lack of interaction between old and new players.
At best the new players, who are even weaker, are slaughtered meat for old players and nothing else…
I think (but many other players of my region have the same idea) that a new kind of event impronted to cooperation between low level players and high level players it will be a nice way to meet new people, to have fun togheter and to revitalize some regions.
Came on, let us play in a better and funnier way!!!



Can only speak what has worked for us over a year plus. We have 2 faction…one faction is main and other is vacation, break, or range quit (lol) etc but we also monitor activity for new players and help them build. Everyone is rotating based on trust and communication. All new players starts in second faction.
We don’t bring up for wars but always for faction tournaments. It’s not a perfect system at all. We find that maybe 5% make it. Let me tell you about that 5%…most skilled players in any region (facts). What’s great about this is finding someone new who motivates you and keeps you going. This is how boom gives back for a game we love and not letting the region die.

PS many move on to other faction and that’s cool
Pss students will never be the teacher (hi disruption lol)



What happened with the Dade region is a great example of really positive and helpful interaction between veteran players and noobs.



Please, do you can explain?
Maybe it’s possible replay the same experience in another region.

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Yes what was Dade doing?



I am from DADE, and our situation is this; when we were reopened, we had 2 factions that were 1/2 full of active players. So when new people started pouring in we booted the inactives out of those factions and bought in new players, as well as veterans from other regions. Now the top faction is 1/2 full of players who have been playing in our region for a few weeks.

A few of our veterans also ducked out and made new factions themselves to assist with the spread of rep and kickstart new teams.

We throw tournaments, slack off in wars, etc to purposely keep scores low to give the new factions a chance to get good prizes to team build quickly.

Basically we try and encourage people to stick around. And while the competition for the top players is severely lacking still, half our faction os newbies so we enjoy helping them out with team formation and encouraging them to assist with territories and wars and such. Its fun taking them under our wings.



This is a very good example of fair play.
But in my region the situation it is completely different.
In COFFEE (i am italian) we have a good dozen of very high level and competitive factions, and 3 very high level academies.
All veteran players (me included) feel the difficulty of the new playes, always relegate in a low level faction, or at best as 29th and 30th in an academy.
My idea it is the suggestion, of it’s possible obviously, of a new gameplay where an high level player have to cooperate (and obviously meet and interact) with a low level player, like scavenging missions or reaching some target togheter completing missions or crafting items.
At least like in the comic or in the tv show of TWD, where the “classic” characters find new people and start to interact with them.

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You should let colbert know greedy ass top factions



Sounds like an awesome Region. Keep up the good work and good Luck!




Actually, new players won’t even match the top 3 factions during war.

Matchmaking has been tuned so that the top 3 will keep waiting and waiting rather than match up a rank 30 faction



This is good…
Match against some sitting ducks it’s not funny at all.
But the idea that i explain it is apart of the war.
It concerns in general a better interaction with low level players in a cooperative gameplay.
The ones against the other it’s an useless bloodbath: for this all the others features of the gameplay are perfect. :wink:

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Thanks, we love our region and while a merge would have fasttracked us into a competitive environment, I think the reopening has worked well. There us no animosity between old and new players, and we have remained “top” so have the luxury of helping out the newbies and getting them up to speed. Honestly some of the teams the bewbies have no are better than some of the semi active veterans!

@Yama, sadly what worked for our region won’t fly in established ones. In truth, if we merged we would be hogging all the prizes as well in all likelihood. We would be ensuring we remained #1 no matter what! We don’t have that worry now, so we can relax and share.

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The problem with new players is there is not really much in game incentive to make them stay. The game as it is now does not really offer anything for new players. When I first started out when the game launched, they had the roadmaps for 3 and 4* characters. Complete the map, get the character, that simple. No BS about collecting parts and trading the character in for a higher quality etc etc. Simple. In established regions it is even hard to get your feet off the ground as a new player. Any faction worth anything has its reqs that a new comer would not meet. The result is joining what is in most cases a dead or dying faction of new players. Unless established factions bring in these new players and work with them to help build there teams up and what not, the new players just get lost in the muck. This game is not the game it once was and most events and maps simply cater to the players that have been around since the start.

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Take newer players into your faction help them grow… ;D

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