More free test tubes apparently


For the level up in 2 hours



After all that crying and complaining


But it would be the last drop though. After this it’s going to be coining and paying if its not enough

Remember, expect everything, assume nothing!

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Another level up?
God damn.

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What are the prizes?

Nothing much to be excited about unfortunately

No medals?

What do you mean if it isn’t enough there should be 200 extra

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Some may get careless and screw up twice…

Well that their own fault

Also, some may have paid for the extra flask to get John…

So what … people said they weren’t gonna get enough and now they have enough that’s all

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35 dollars for s test tube that needs more spending for the second toon and a craftable weapon. Sheesh. I like to spend but that just sounds insane to me.

The usual medal amounts. Am still struggling to get Jeremiah, 5000 to go.

Oh that’s actually surprising that they have the medals in this short one. Was not expecting it.

They haven’t been doing offers for the test tubes recently.

Even though they sold the part to get the other ascendable.

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