More food (junk labels)

I’d like to suggest that you put a way to get more food in the warehouse, in the part of junk bookmarks. An option to buy 1 million at a time.

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Gloves and shirts could also take the place of that 10k food spot


I also think that because they are things that we always need.

They are one of the most important imo cant train 2 stars without emm

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And because we always need them, Scopely made sure we can conveniently purchase these most of the times. :roll_eyes:


Yeah. They really think we should spend gold like this. Difficult to play a game that only wants to take of us and to give that is good is complicated.

Survivor club has 2x food production from your farms

Not needed, just buy from supply depot for free :slight_smile:

nah it’ll be reduced to 1k and 10k just to pick us off, season pass members get 1m though

u have to come up with ideas which make scopely money or they wont implement it

scopely u should make a crate which gives u a chance, for a day to replace the 100k to 1m, maybe charge 10 bucks and have Chavez of getting this feature at .0000001
I would buy this for sure

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Good, give me reasons to not play, i dare them, i can actually walk away from this game, im not tied to “friends” or anything silly like that in a video game so if it does get to the point were i literally cant play without paying then im happy to stop playing, rn i have fun playing for free and buying some cans once and awhile, easy to drop it tho

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