More flow of armory tokens?


can we please get more ways to get armory tokens?
maybe in daily missions?


Agree, and not no 200 tokens either. Atleast 2500 or something


Early next year

Yup, 2500 seems very good amount. not too much not too little. they should also get rid of token requirements for resets and 4* tier 4 crafting.


At this rate I expect to get my next useable 5 star weapon in 2021


If not in daily missions they can make a armory token roadmap that shows up every once in awhile like food run etc


It’s sad, it’s like a part of the game your only aloud to look at but not participate in because your scumm


Or just go back to before tokens were a thing. Not a fan of them. I know people were wanting changes to the armory. But i dont think making tokens that are rarely available was what they asked for. I like the idea of the 5* weapons. But the tokens are only a way to show something else to spend money on.

But if they get added to daily missions. Or even a roadmap for them. That would be better then the current availability.

Don’t worry… there will be a wheel for the tokens on Wednesday. You just need 4,000 coins. Start watching some videos :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

PC has brought up this concern as well, multiple times. There needs to be a regular flow of armory tokens and not just out of the premier weapon wheel.


@GR.Scopely Can we put this in the rotation somewhere? Armory roadmap similar to the ascendance medal one?

RM would work as well… as long as its not a trickle.
we should be able to gather atleast 15k tokens a week. that is still slow, but would be a good starting point.


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