More f2p SToons

So S toons are quickly taking over and even at T1 they are much more powerful than 6s, at least statwise. Kapoor was a nice addition to extend the Stoons available. Please give out more free Stoons because we will soon be in the same situation when we changed from 5 to 6stars, ie everyone running same teams. I dont expect these free toons to be on par with museum or p2p toons but at least there will be more variety in team compostions.

@GR.Scopely please pass it on to the team


Were going with Stoons are we? lol


Please don’t.

Why? By next CRW most f2p defense will be Donny, Christa, Kapoor, Nik, Rick… Remember the old days when most ran a Carl, Zeke, Glenn, Shiva x2 defence? We’re moving there again.

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mine is still erica lol. Timeout team still works well

I’m barely holding on without any S-class toons. It’s a lot of fun to be honest, but once they release one or two more, I don’t know what I would do.

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2 were given free (Christa / James and now Kapoor).

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Yep, but they’re still in the box or museum.

I can make one like that but it doesn’t hold up. Thats a t3/4 defense.

That’s not something they care about op F2P or p2p , you’re using almost all the same toons anyway on offense or defense. If you have some sort of variance , you either were lucky, spent a fortune or did something they didn’t intend synergy wise.

ss class is.coming soon
with triple s class stats

once everyone gets all those s.classes, need something for whales

We need S class tough.

(Scopely forgot about lance and frost?)
Im guessing they might be christmas S class toons.

Yeah 4 turns max to take that out

Depends on the faction i face last fair bit most wars as a gen

Priya dazes Sherry T1 and you cant use her active t2. Others cant rush or use active before t3.

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