More events running at the same time

As above it’s getting boring with level up running for 3 days straight can we please add a sr or raid at the same time.


Yep… Sr/nightmare, raid, hordes, onslaught, blitz war, a surprise mission event, the long anticipated mod event… anything really


Your asking then way to much right there they can barely do one event right without having an issue or bug problem

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Level up isn’t really an event just something that should be around all the time ( a real level up event should be higher milestones and some sweet prizes to encourage ppl to go all out every once in a while) territories is a decent side thing but not something that is an event… unless you use refills you can make 1 hit per hour


They dont want to encourage people they wanna piss everyone off just like that territory “event” with only opening 1

Nah there trying to close it down

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