More events like the nugget event


These wheel events need to stop. After only two pulls I have given up on this new one. One 500k food bag and one 1000 elite item token bag is enough for me not to farm anymore. We need more events like the nugget event. Let us build up the items and then let us pick what we get to choose from. Even though there was some RNG between the items in the nugget event, at least all the items received were valuable. Who needs food or elite item tokens? Please consider this for the future.


Totally agree with this.

The nugget event required an element of tactical thinking - how to best spend your nuggets for the best value. Ignoring the shit storm of duping people into claiming them early I think it is much better than a random wheel event.

Random wheel events are fine when the prizes are all on a par. For example, Christmas event 2016 where everyone got one of four 5* characters with no dud prizes.


Right. At the very least in the nugget even we got to choose which direction we went even if part of it was still gamble. Watch vs Radio and other gear depending on which crate you get. With the wheel events you can/will get the worst item in the wheel time after time.

I made two pulls and said to hell with it basically, time better spent elsewhere then on those maps

Everything on this wheel is useful so I like it.

Since when are food bags useful? The range is too much. 8 benedicts or 1000 elite item tokens. It’s crap. The nugget event was soooo much better. Let us choose.

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I really enjoyed the nugget event but this event is not crap. Food is useful in the many level up tourneys. Everything in the wheel is useful to varying degrees unlike past event wheels. The range is not nearly as great as past events.

If I had a choice then I would clearly choose the nugget event but if my choice is this or no event then I clearly choose this. I choose this over many prior event wheels.

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I like lots of pulls as well. You can have quite a few here and you mentioned ascendance which some of the prizes help with.

Seven pulls in two days on natural energy could be alot worse. Yes, you have to grind it out, but the levels are easy, so you can autoplay them all, then come back a few hours later to grind some more. Yes the nugget event was a true step forward compared to many events we have, but this one isn’t bad. I’m sitting on the three food bags I pulled, I’ve used the Lilith and the burts, Bradys, and basils are waiting on the next lut. Compared to the nugget, this one might be a B+, but compared to the robots, this one is A+++++.

Don’t worry Scopely has Advanced Superior Analytics Individual Odd Tracking Seeds to adjust your pull odds HOURLY!

They will turn that frown upside down with their incredible customized pull odds and russian troll farm technology.

No no no no no no no no no no no.
While removing the loot box style in a nice change. Simply removing the normal event rewards and replacing them with a different token is not cool.

Make an actual event not just a substitute of rewards. When nuggets came out all tokens stopped. Nuggets then expire where as I could have earned 5* tokens or the likes and kept them…


Kept them for what? So you weren’t OK with a chance at an ascendable and all the gear we need? I would rather 5* tokens? I’d say 90% of the players got Wyatt. And out of those they also got gear. I would always prefer to get an ascendable over 5* tokens that are used on a wheel that 90% of the toons are not useable in competition anymore

Agree with this. Add on not replacement.


Let’s have an event like the kings treasury! Before everything went to shit!!

90% did not get him. Unless you can prove the math.

The event required you to place at centrain levels. If I am not mistaken you needed to be over level 200 in all events. 90% of the population is impossible and absurd number.

Regardless of who got the character or not point is they removed normal rewards and replaced with rewards that expire. If they left it as is players would have had something to keep regardless.

OK I don’t have an exact percent but low level factions with semi active players got Wyatt. Crw had overwhelming amount of people with wyatt so I’d say it’s pretty accurate that anyone who’s active in all the events had a pretty easy time getting him. And it’s called an EVENT because it’s not all the time. So yeah having more events with options to get gear and ascendables is something most people have asked for. If u read this forum daily and talk to active people in different regions very small percent will say no please don’t allow a chance for me ro get a 6*. No please don’t allow me to progress my teams so I can compete. I just don’t understand why u wouldn’t want to progress forward. But hey if u don’t want to progress that’s your choice nothing wrong with that.

I have to think the odds were heavily in favour of anyone who wanted to get Wyatt.