More Dwight parts?


This will be the first “giveaway” event 5* I failed to get since limited edition Negan and the Michonne head incident from way back then. Then it was an issue of shitty RNG. Now it’s just scopely being scopely. The past 4 tournaments with shirts as prizes (level up, level up, SR, level up) I only managed to hit milestones in the SR tournament. Because believe it or not having 25 level ups in 25 Days drains people of resources.

There used to be a time where I despised raid tournaments because I was f2p and could barely beat people in my range. Now when I can easily not a single raid tourney to be found. As of now I’m drained on food gear and characters to level. Almost every non 6* character in my roster is now maxed.


The milestones in the recent level ups going to two million points for a single piece of gear? What happened to getting an ascendable 5* for that much effort?
Most people aren’t going to be able to get this 5 Star Dwight because of the drought in resources. Give us a break, two weeks of SR or raid tournaments or even blitz wars would work. We need time to restock.

Many are low on barbed wires and leather vests for Dwight due to an inability to hit milestones. Release difficult roadmaps (S1-S1++ difficulty) to get the items. These roadmaps could be 2-3 acts and provide items upon completion (200-150 items per act).

For Dwights rifle just rerelease the gun part maps.

Please don’t limit players’ accessability to this character as he will be essential to dealing with the coming Erika meta.


I’m drained of resources for level ups, but have plenty of cans for raid tournaments. I haven’t been able to complete the barbed wire part of Dwight’s collection, and I doubt I’ll get the vests either. I’m dreading having to deal with Erika knowing I don’t have Dwight to combat her skill - and I’m not keen on spending money to complete the Dwight collection, either. It’s like Scopely wants us to fail.


I’ve maxed every 6* i have, as well as most 5s. Simply not enough toons for a big score regardless of preparation. I hit top milestone a couple of times, and still have supplies to level more. But, unless scopely release more legacy 5s as ascendable or i spend on premier recruits i’m not going to be hitting big scores any time soon. For the record, most other players haven’t managed it. Some have, some haven’t. Just because you hit it easily, presumably because you have been slow to level your 6*s, or because you’ve had some lucky pulls, doesn’t mean you can be a dick about it. You’ve just found yourself in a lucky position, which lots of players haven’t.


I have to agree that it was possible to get the Dwight gun , couple of my faction did get it indeed so yes if you were on the ball it was possible , and it shouldn’t be that easy to get a killer gun like that I’m also screwed I miss 75parts only because of a milestone (was on the road) but I’ve laid it to rest time to move on and craft some badass weapons of myself



Tell me, o wise one, what do you do to avoid running out of food, survivors, gear, etc. and still manage to put up so many points every day? XP missions should not be in your reasoning as a majority of players don’t readily have access to them anymore.


I’m about to hit 500k without any effort. I used one level 44 tier 3 6* and two tier 4 5s level one without the use of YGL mission. You just got to stay up and raid for your food and farm rare gear map and sell the gear, and I used some of my important epic gear to get to this point. You can do it. No giving up. On feed 2s to them for 6-12k points a pop.




You got this. :slight_smile: took only 8hrs to get to this point. If you have any burts or trainers, feed them to your 6s for points, but if your 6 is almost to max like level 66, only use a little, and use the rest for your 5s. Do not use important trainers like burts or active trainers. You can use the actives and liliths only if your 6* needs it. Filll your 5*s with trainers for them if you need to. I also sacrifice three stars for the feed because Dwight is more important than them right now, so you should be at at least 475k with this plan or more. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your support but even when I get 500k points I still will have 70 shirts missing so I guess I’ll wait and see what comes next.


You’re welcome bud, and catch up day is coming so you’ll be able to get Dwight. Just be positive and you shall receive.


Thank you!


If you ain’t got 6’s then these milestones are a problem, now the reason I ain’t got 6’s to level is because of the mounds of level ups I have simply leveled mine to t3 max already if they ever make t4 possible for 6’s I will then be able to level it,

Maybe I could always asscnd my other legendaies but then I can as they aren’t stuck without the gear or them

Then as rewards for tourneys are checking out 5* only once every other week as they are so low where am I meant to get asscension fodder. Would I really want to waste my other 5’a I already have.

Lower the milestones it is simple really.

Players are leaving left right and centre and new players that will see these milestones and failing to place anywhere in an event for weeks will stop too.

The old max milestone is now the minumum as the maximum is just obscene.

Not only that but most factions don’t want you going all out on solo’s.
And no most people ain’t hitting them all look at my other post on here and the top 3 out of 7 regions were no where near the 2nd to last milestone.

They don’t seems to understand, they don’t listen, they lie, they make events and rewards impossible and are starting to really piss people off.

I said to me mrs and she said she ain’t going to bother if never got Dwight then when’s she saw Erika she hasn’t left.

I am active in a lot of regions and see the death.

One region had 3 messages on GC over 2 days. And line chat is pretty much the same in the leader chats.

Annoyed with impossible what’s point in insanely milestones, instance col3ctions needed. Best but is it doesn’t actually cost them a penny to keep theirs players happy. But pissing them off and loosing the does since victor gate I ain’t spent a penny including 30 day packs. Before then I had sunk just under a grand into the game. People ain’t going to spend on a moody horse, sort it out scopely.

Listen to your players, stop mugging us off and make rts great again.


Now watch the trolls come here and try to debut my tips. I’m helping you out from the kindness of my heart, so they better not have an issue with my tips.


I understand, and yeah, Scopley seemed to forget about new players with these high ass milestones. I reckon they will go back to normal after the event. The high milestones were put in to make it hard to get dwight, but with a little planning, you’ll be able to get Dwight in no time. :cry:


The smart thing to do after the event is to return the level up milestones to normal because there’s no way that I and many others will keep competing for trash milestones and prizes with Dwight and his AK-74 out of the picture.


I got the riffle but short on shirts, no gear of 5* to tier up new 6* and the ones I have are already maxed. And without gear a lot of toons just sat there.


Stop trolling man say something positive instead of this bashing the whole time


I think i’ll make the 500k mark which means i’ll get dwight, but the next problem is gear.

Not so long ago you really had to wait for Radios and School Bags, Flaks and Beanies (For some there is still a shortage, but stay with me) they have been a bit more available lately and i now have a few sitting there waiting to be used.

However we are now in the age of the 6*, and apart from the burst at the start of the event and the odd piece here and there we haven’t had any gear to keep us going!

Most of us will have a few 6* T3, maxed out… The only reason i’m able to get dwight is beacuse i ascended Mirabelle… but in doing so Dwight will be stuck at T2 when i eventually get him there.

We dont want an influx of t4 6*'s but there seems to be some issue getting gear maps out there, they’ve teased us and now we’re chomping at the bit!

The milestones are a bit of a joke, where are the 15/25/50k ones? even if they rewarded with hiking boots it would help the newbies


Me stop trolling and bashing? I was helping Xgen with some tips. I think you meant bobs. :slight_smile:


Sure did , your cool man very nice to see someone being helpful and nice instead of just telling folks how dumb they are for not reaching their milestones and such , thanks for that @EndureAndSurvive9

It’s tiring reading Bobbsies posts he’s just talking down to people it’s sad really