More duck tapes and polishing kits!


Can we please get more levels? Or any other way to earn polishing kitt and duck tape. I really love this game but I am feeling like reaching the point from where I can’t progress any more. And yeah , I know we can get them in SR sometimes but with so many crafting failure I think we all need more.




$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ @kalishane dont worry its bu design


I haven’t really had a problem with this. You can get plenty from survival road, leveling up the player, breaking down weapons, or yes, even from the faction assault depot. If you play survival road only when those items come up, then you’re golden.



What’s a duck tape?


That was a one and done deal. It also must have happened when the team was super high over there. Even if they increase the level cap do not expect 50 duct tapes and polishing kits at level 50.




Specially Duct Tapes !! God are they scarce