More dedication

People on Line seem to be more dedicated than those who use forum or in game communication to get info. Once more, great job from JB for providing info to only a part of the community. Thankfully, for you, you are employed by Scopely, and they have no idea what they’re doing.


looks like half baked … from jb scopely on line

The same question can be posted on forums, with our dedicated community manager on here tackling them :slight_smile:

We’re simply trying our best to split up duties and cover the platforms where a significant community presence is witnessed, such as the popular: Line and Discord

Note all players are welcome to join in, there is no barrier to do so, and players such as @Mistress_Lulu, @Sage and @Conquest can show you the way in.

To expand on the original thread and question: players get to keep their existing Blue Keys, even after Pete is no longer in this first wheel. They will be usable once more, when he gets inserted to a new wheel in the near future.

(In anticipation, I will not be able to comment further on the leaked Priya screenshots :slight_smile:)


Hmm… Maybe someone already asked the question here and was left without reply?

No barrier to join, yet I need to ask for permission?


This is due to the very nature of Line, unfortunately, where you need an established connection to add you in a given chatroom.

Note we also have community Discord servers, that work a bit more transparently in terms of onboarding - you’ll find the links for those in our community hub thread

also doesnt err doesnt line room have a limit to the number of people who can join

does discord have a limit

can all members of the forum join, can people in the game join? no
does the forum have an limitations on number of people who can chat or read post

which forum of communication is therefore better?

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guess I better get on line to hear jb response to my post

is there a limitation of chatroom size
I’m sure line is 500
is discord 5000?

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So you’re managing Line/discord while GR is managing the forums?

Any formal way of keeping an FAQ of new discovery(pinned or other) available to both to reduce both your workloads & improving communication ?
Pertinent information gets buried so quickly on both

As a community manager, the best way to interact with your most dedicated customers is to go where they’re already gathered and having the most engaging conversations.


So you’re managing Line/discord while GR is managing the forums?

That is a fully baked information sir! :sunglasses:

Any formal way of keeping an FAQ of new discovery(pinned or other) available to both to reduce both your workloads & improving communication ?
Pertinent information gets buried so quickly on both

That is a good prompt. For context, we’re sitting back to back with GR (or work hand in hand, as you prefer) and sync constantly throughout the day.

Having said that, you give a good prompt for us to start thinking about better processes to have information shared across those platforms - which honestly, tends to be rather smooth from my perspective, as screenshots do fly around, as this thread demonstrates.

As you mention FAQs, let’s not forget a key component of game information being published in our in-game FAQs, that can also be browsed from the web as needed.

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I’ll send over my assessment of your FAQ in the near future. Some of that info is very old. Like this URL, which is no longer the right URL to get the most recent information:

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The point of the line group is for players to also share in the region chats and on the forums. The question was answered on the posts you showed.

Cool link… never seen that before.

That looks more of a break-glass-in-case-of-emergency info vs critical event information (eg will there be enough horde events to finish the milestones?)

It seems that line chats get the best event reveal info… they are also more difficult to stay on top of

thanks for the info

its in the same vane as the beta and carl museum collection on previous showings.

the items stayed in your “invisible” inventory until it was next brought out …

the only problem was that it never came back out and certain items are still in the invisible inventory

i had something like 20 more sleeping bags to get carl

A rare @JB.Scopely sighting! Everyone dog pile like the old new AI!


You talk to like 7 or 8 of the top factions them is what your saying because that’s who’s in this chat group. Vip commuity manager Jb

Maybe you could come on here once a week take some questions to the team or give answers if you know them.

False I’m not in a top 25 faction and I’m in the room

That’s absolutely false. But keep going with the assumptions. Well over 100 factions represented in there.


I was made aware of that today from the unofficial FB group. That question was asked at least twice on the forums, and there was no official answer. Checked with my faction mates and very few knew about it because the Line group is spammed by useless comments (not from JB but others).

Why is it hard to give all the info ingame? Why do I need to check forums, line, and facebook to get some info Im looking for?


Why does there need to be an official answer to every question from scopely? This is a community. The line chat was intended for this purpose. I was in the chat when I saw him answer and I helped out and answered the question. I don’t understand the difference.