More Decaps plz!


With all the healers with guardian shields and revives, where are the decaps??? Damage dealers need some help big time and buff maim!


It would be nice.


It’s sad. The only melee toon to have decap is Alpha and shes not really a high damage dealer compared to the ranged toons like Tyresse and Sandy. Also Melee finally has one attack leader but the grind is still on for her. Sad to see F2P can’t touch Carl teams with Lydia and jesus on a team now unless they get lucky with stuns.


a new decap??? next promo


yeah getting to a point that it’s frustrating to play against Shield revive teams.
when i see a Erica-Jesus or equivalent… team… GTFO… just feel like fleeing the battle.


A massively OP fast healer released, you know next off the production line is a hard hitting strong toon, the creep gota keep on creepin dude.


And it’s defenitly not going to be Knox :grin:


I wouldn’t have thought so with him being available for free in tokens now, did cost a very lot back in the day though.


Yeah, I know but this money is already counted and invested in 2 Islands. So he F2P in Scopley Terms


Would like to see more 100% heal reduction.

Yes it does run out, but they also prevent healing which helps in taking down sheilds. Also can be run with decals you have available as well.

Most revives can be controlled, although resistance mods have made this more difficult.


Sandy is only decap as a 5*


I mean’t red one with throwing knives :slight_smile: ranged toon infact.


Awww my mistake I thought u ment the yellow sandy


No problems yep shes decap as 5 star and gets waste not as 6 star :grin:


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