More Decap & Disarm please


As somebody that has 1 Decap, ZERO disarm, after 2 big pulls for Michonne, in this new meta, we need a bone. Thanks


How about No. Next.


we will never see a no rng luck disarm for all. just wont happen and believe me i am amongst those that need it, but its still a huge commodity that brings in $$$. scopely isnt that nice


You have the same problem as me I have disarm Bruce but no decap this game needs balancing. When are you going to listen @JB.Scopely?


got my 3rd Alpha few mins ago from 5 star tokens…


I still haven’t pulled an ascendable from there. Just a re cycle of the same bs toons I was getting last year. Low and behold just pulled another dropper rick and Zeke. Absolute bs


Pretty much they are doing exactly as they did with Shields back in the five-star days. The only reason they are keeping this metre is because of the system they have which is a completely inferior shoddy system by the way no offence. Honestly I don’t understand why they have not followed the steps of Galaxy of Heroes which is a completely superior system which has won a magnitude of awards and has a colossal amount of positive reviews from both the non spenders and spenders.


I’ve always said they should do a sort of shard system so that the grinders can get some of these toons, doesn’t have to be Lydia / Jesus or that. Could be like Koa, Erika and such. Michonne too. Just stupid the way it is now.

5* tokens are a joke unless your lucky, after they updated it I’m just getting the same old ass toons as before. What I wouldn’t give to get Alpha from there at least she would be useable.


What’s the difference between a shard system and the current mittens event? Just the timer?


Not much tbh, I like events like this, but tbh I don’t see either of the 3 changing up anybodies roster much.

Edit : Biggest difference would be you can farm for said toons when and if you please. Plenty of other similar games that offer this sort of system. GOH, Disney heroes, on the latter new toons will be P2W exclusive, then after a couple months you can start to grind for them, then after they become essentially F2P from the F2P wheel.


Right, the only difference is the timer. I like the shard system in swgoh but I don’t know that the players here want to be that grindy for toons. It’s obvious to me this player base very much has a gambler’s mentality. There’s a lot of complaining that SC Andrea won’t be useful for 3 months; if every character is that way, the boredom would set in quickly.


For some it’s at that stage ; gear wise. Wouldn’t have to be the exact same system, but having some old promo toons that are still useful would keep the F2P / Grinders happy. I’d be happy grinding for a toon again, the gear / toon events that you had to grind for was pretty dope.


Instead of making people forcefully think that they have to spend to get the best and most powerful characters in the game why not just have a system like Galaxy of Heroes where instead of putting them behind a pay wall let’s us collect shards or whatever over time for them. Spenders get exclusivity temporarily but that’s it.


What does gambling mentality really mean though. People in star wars galaxy of heroes obviously spend a lot as it’s constantly in the top grossing charts. All scopely have to do is make a better version of it.


Your very wrong squire. If that was true then why is galaxy of heroes always grossing higher than road to survival. Why has galaxy of heroes won a mind boggling amount of awards for its uniqueness and innovative design?.

Honestly, it’s not hard to see that they know how to make mobile games properly for both spenders and non spenders.

Go figure, scopely have been cashing in hard to a failing economy in the game what do they have to lose.


The gambling mentality means people here spend on RNG wheels, and they spend a lot. They’d rather drop a grand on a chance at a toon that only spenders can get than grind for 3 months for something everyone can get.


I think what you mean is: you’d be happy grinding for one of a very small set of toons that could improve your roster. Museum events are common, but you disregard the rewards as “not going to improve anyone’s roster”.


RNG wheels are present in galaxy of heroes also. Free players don’t have access to charectars spenders unlock through the wheel for a lot of months. They get added from time to time. Trust me I honestly get what your saying, but I just don’t believe this theory that this game has brain dead spenders to put it bluntly in my way of seeing it. That would mean galaxy of heroes essentially attracts spenders who know their spending is useless if so why is that game crushing scopely in top grossing charts and players?.


For starters, their content has a far greater fan base. Star wars fans probably outnumber walking dead fans by at least 10:1, if not more. Twdrts actually makes far more per spending player, they just have more players. Similarly, twdrts is a much stickier app - the average twdrts players spend more hours per day in the twdrts app than the average swgoh players spend in the swgoh app.

I don’t think this game should be a clone of swgoh. They’re already similar in so many ways, implementing the shard system at this point would be disastrous - the players who like that system already have a multitude of games where they can choose to do that.


Yeah that’s a valid point but then again with all the flops recently and a declining fan base one could argue but yeah you are right except the 10 to 1 part lol :joy:. Have faith lady jeez the walking dead is awesome haha. I don’t think it nerds to clone galaxy of heroes also but it definitely needs a better economy that doesn’t take a full turd on its free and small spending community’s right.