More Cross Region War plz


many old regions are dying, and without competitiveness, you could promote more regional wars. This motivates us to play more @CombatMan @kalishane and please, of more lendary gear (mainly GPS and canteen) and medals of ascension in the prizes and marks


I think old regions shouldn’t have regular wars anymore. Every war they have should be a cross region war. Some of those regions will deeply benifet from that. I’d rather keep cross region war monthly for regions that are better off


I would like to see variations where we can match with other factions within our own region as well as other regions. Do that and I could care less about region wars and move totally into the crw camp.


Regional wars have become pointless. prize doesn’t make any sense for a region as a whole and that’s what “region” war should be its really just a bigger all out war. As for dying regions they should’ve been merged long ago.


I do agree. The latest interaction of crw prizes basically screwed everyone but the top 3 factions overall out of x regions. The scaling was terrible for the increased number of factions. The first crw was pretty sweet giving prizes (not amazing but decent) through top 10 to encourage placement. Once you drop to not even a 5s token pull most choose to just coast and collect cans as they go.


Pretty much if you see you can’t place in top 3 its a save cans war


The prize structure for CRW is much worse than a regular region war. It is more benefical for factions to have region wars in terms of the prize structure.


Even regular war prizes are bad now seems like we are getting everything watered down and force fed now


something that would help those dying regions.

Maybe splitting the top 1-3 factions (if they have that) in 6 separate factions so its 10 from each active and then taking on the left overs to promote activity.

Get off your empire of dirt and fix the sh*t yourself cause they are not going to do it for you.



The way CRW is set up, our region can get 1 in the top 3, and then everyone else is struggling to make top 10 or 20. It;s really unfair to those who have merged in middle factions.

The top faction has no problems getting matches and rewards, even if 2nd or 3rd. BUt our usual 2nd and 3rd cannot compete with P2W for top 5-7

This has been attempted many times and always fails. There are zero in-game tools to manage factions, alliances and no customizatino allowed.

Trolls sneak in and ruin it, people quit mid war etc…


CRW is junk. So unbalanced. Same regions paired same final placing. Just box off the dying regions and let them crw till they fold.

Rework concept from scratch for the rest.


then it sounds like the complaining of the so called dead regions can just enjoy their empire of dirt if they are not willing to change to better the region themselves.

Sorry about your region not actually caring about the health of their region. Enjoy your empire of dirt.


Oh goodness me you have a new catchphrase or something?

If scopely gave us tools, we would use them.

I suppose it’s better to just be insulted by fellow players, which is exactly what Scopely Management wants. Divide and Conquer.

And here you are with your cute phrases blaming entire regions for a game being in sunset mode?

Better get the cooling pads because holy shit is that a sizzling hawt take bae


its not that its an insult if you guys dont want to make the changes to better the experience. Since you say that the people do not want to do this for themselves. then just enjoy the game being what it is. It sounds like no one wants competition but to be stagnant and complain about the no competition but yet you guys in your top factions have the opportunity to do something, but yet it seems that you guys either want to half ass it or just not even bother. That is on you guys here, and dont blame this failure on the company when you know and we all know that don’t care to bother with merging regions cause “it’s a mess to deal with” says former scopely employee that doesn’t exist anymore.


Incorrect, I did NOT say that. Nor did I say the 2nd thing you wrote.

I said SCOPELY does not provide faction management tools to handle any of what people want for alliance

I said we DO in fact want change.


then do it.


As soon as Scopely gives me access to the admin tools, I will get started sir!


/waves magic wand



At this point its just a waste of resources just get rid of it