More Coin Offer


I purchased the coin offer of 0.99¢ about a month+ ago. I would like to know how often that comes around ?! Can this offer come around every week, bi-weekly or monthly?! A lot of us players don’t have a lot of money to purchase the coins and some refuse to put money in scopely’s pocket & 0.99¢ is affordable in my world esp weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

I would hope to hear back from a scopely personal w/ response.

I am Negan.

Can you guys do more 99 cents offers?

Doubt offers like that will come around often tbh


See you’re hooked… was a free to play offer. Not everyone got them.


Actually I do the monthly pass and have for the last 5 months, I got that offer in both regions and bought them up too.


I used to be hooked when i first started playing. I was doing the monthly coins & i would get crap from the crate. So i stopped. A dollar doesn’t make me hooked. I think it’s not different than paying for new maps for battlefield even 3-4 months. IJS


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