More chances to come if you miss an arrow?

I have gotten all arrows to date, so asking for someone’s else…

With the looks of the way it’s been so far, if you miss any arrows you won’t be able to get Mr. Jones.

Due to the looks of the timers, there is an extra couple of days that he will still be up. Will there be a chance to make up for an arrow or two, or does anyone know/able to answer this? If not, it’s fine, just thought I’d check.:grin:

@GR.Scopely @TayTron @JB.Scopely @Tsarraz

I haven’t even got one arrow :smirk::joy: only wanted the s class collectibles arena drops are. Shite

Gear map is farmable for arrows

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I hadn’t seen that yet and it wasn’t up when I posted. Thank you!

Can be farmed with bronze tokens too

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How and where?

scopley fixed it. because we cannot have nice things

Yup, it’s the newest #gate…pending Scopelys reply to see what’s going to happen with it all now since yesterday they took the map down and haven’t commented yet.

Odds are about even money that there’ll be an equal or worse error before the end of this event, be patient and pay attention.

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