More bugs in the pathway event

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

I have completed 3 milestones for bandages. Yet…

The total shows 2/9

Same thing happens for broken masks (completed 6, total shows 5/9)

Whats wrong this time…?


I’m still waiting for this to be acknowledged

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@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely do something please…

This is all broke as f_ck. My Whisperer Path - is showing 6 completed but only 2/9 against the tokens.

It is only tokens, but that isn’t the point…

Hey there,

I have escalated this further to the team :wink:

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Thanks. I think the important one is the one @Laracroft showed - people can’t clock how near (or far) they are from Piper.

Mention that knowing is likely to lead to more sales of the inevitable offer bags with 0.5% chance of Crossbones we all know are coming in about 2 and a half weeks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Did you transfer regions after you completed the alpha map because that would reset your crossbones mission

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For the love of God, please “escalate” the Jackson AS bug too!
there have been 3 threads on forum about it yet you guys don’t acknowledge them only bcoz poor Jackson is a legacy ascendable meant for f2p so he gets no respect! put some respect to his name! :joy:

PS - already raised this issue to customer support twice, yet not fixed till now.

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i also have the problem of crossbones not being added to my total, one i got from the govs roadmap and 2 that i got from bags didnt count toward my total

This has been escalated. As jb said “The game centric feedback that is posted by players is religiously conveyed to the game team”

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This is gonna be memed so hard lol



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