More Bugs: Andrea's Focus? Lydia?

I am leaving the game before 2019. This isn’t a vent session, this is me pointing out yet another issue on my way out.

I feel Lydia is a cheap toon that anyone who has a basic understanding of what the word “balanced” means could have easily realized was a bad idea before okaying. I’ve thought so since her introduction, but it’s not my game to ruin, it’s yours. Nonetheless, War!

:40 seconds in, you can see that I use Focus. Even though Lydia is targeted, for no reason at all my toon attacks Jesus. It happens a second time before the end of the turn with Tripp.

The third time towards the end at 2:15 it happens yet again, this time sending a rush across to the opposite side to hit Koa for absolutely no reason at all. It happens again with Dante hitting Koa thus triggering his rush when he was never the target to begin with. At this point I just exit the game because what is the point? Both strikes were potential finishing blows, both lead to Lydia being saved and my team suffering.

Fix your broken game for future players, thanks.


Based on that video, only Dante and Bruce got Focus. Dwight didn’t, so he attacked Jesus. So there isn’t any issue here.

Plus, doesn’t really help when you bring a defensive lead to fight a time out team…


:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: what he said


Just leave… rofl

Clearly you need to look at who had the little lighting bolt above their head.

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Not seeing a bug.

Just from scouting in a match (we are 6vs6)


The ONLY team I can use against this is:

…and it’s full of RNG fuckery. I keep saying they don’t play their game especially not in F2P mode.

The first time that I went against this team in war, I was using Kate and the same thing happened. I used Andrea the second time around for reasons unknown but literally the same issue happened, which is why I didn’t pay attention to Andrea’s limited Focus vs Kates focus for all. It’s what lead to me recording the second match to begin with, but I tampered with the example so it’s on me, I’ll try and redo the match again if I run into the same team or similar during war. It shouldn’t be too hard because everyone has shields and HP revive toons now.

Even if it’s not a bug the main point here is that the game is completely unbalanced. These timeout teams are just not fun to have to fight over and over.

The game has no balance and until this gets fixed people will continue to get frustrated and quit. The gap is far too wide between the f2p and the p2w.


Really? Incase you may or may not know andrea can give the focus to up to 3 charachters for 2 truns. As far as I can tell the active was not even maxed and only gave it to 2 peeps.


This gif is great

While the op has some flaws in his argument, he’s rights about one thing. Lydia is a joke. If you don’t have a disarm toon, forget about it.

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Also didn’t bring any control toons against a revive team?

Come on. What’d you expect to happen.

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Your Andrea’s active skill is at 1/8. She gives focus to 2 toons for 1 turn. I think that’s what lost the battle for you tbh. At max level she would give focus to 3 toons for 2 turns. 6s don’t apply focus to all toons like 5* Kate did.

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Hey…I don’t care for scopelys ways but…Lmaooooo someone delete this fake thread. Learn the game before making horrible incorrect post. And who ever liked this post should be ashamed of themselves lol.

Why are you using Tripp vs that team or at all he is a very obsolete wasn’t even that good during 5* days. For that team you need to build a red/green or what I know as on my roster vs melee

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