More balloons without having to spend coins

Will there be a way to get more balloons? I’m only 2 pulls away and I hit every milestone but still short

keep survivoring

Are you sure you hit all milestones? I missed two but still missing 2 pulls just like you.

I hit every single milestone except for 200k in war, but i also got a red balloon bag with free coins so i’m at 29/30 with 450 orange balloons short.

Yeah I need orange ballons as well. I wish to have a good fair offer with min 1k orange ballons before event end.

I got all level up still missing red lol

missed war so missing orange is fair

They put a good offer today with min 1k red balloons guaranteed for 300 gold. I brought and finished.

You are figuring out the logic behind scopley and the lost investment syndrome they propagate.

I am not paying for a crap toon i will never use

I hit every milestone for every war, level up, SR and raid during the whole event and I’m short 150 orange balloons and 325 red balloons.

For shits and giggles I sent an in game message asking if there would be a way for me to get the balloons I’m missing without spending money or coins.

I’m sure it will be ignored for 2 days and 21 hours.

Well thats time I’ve wasted then

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