More balance with trainers

We all need 6* trainers right? So it’s good that we get a lot of ulyses. I’m not complaining about that, and I don’t want the number we get to fall.

I know this has been raised before But can we get a few more liliths/Adens in to the mix? My levelling up is saturated with the special rush but in desperate need of more liliths/Adens.

Thanks in advance :pray:

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@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely lilths and adens is certain to the museum with gear is certain please!

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I’m sitting on a combo of 11 of them. No toons to use them on. When Hershel is released, if he’s worth ascending, I’ll still have a couple left over

I at one point had a lot of lilths and uylesis but I’m not stuck with no gear and not many lilths besides getting lucky farming them or elite tokens on occasion an aden pops out.
Let’s not monetize every second of the game and give us some events with stuff we need. That doesn’t mean remove what we already get. I’m happy to grind and even spend a lil $$ IF I can progress. Otherwise no point.

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