More ascendable chars


So we need depo update.So can you add new ascendable 5s to depo bcs now in suply depo only thing is worth it is Raid/word cans.You scopes can add someone very old like Jeremith,hershel,Shane,Yaviete,Alpha(tough),Shiva.Now everyone who playing more than 1 year probobly have all depo 5 A characters.
@JB.Scopely plese response
(sorry for bad english)


Yeap , it would be nice


Sounds great.
So probably won’t happen for at least 6 months.


prolly happen when they release 7 stars


Well they did recently update the depot and added a lot of useless 5* to it… or has that not happened yet.

Anyway I highly doubt they will make people’s life easier by adding more ascendables in there. If they did how can they sell Harlan for $100


Green Alpha is one of the best and most desired 6*s in the game. Same goes for Hershel and Yvette to a lesser extend. I do agree all depots could do with some kind of a buff, but that doesn’t necesarrily have to come from adding ascendables to it. Cheaper and more trainers, ascendance tokens, gear, etc.

Edit: Blue Alpha is also still very solid. Misread and thought u were talking about the green one lol


But they have something like 1 year.Who need yaviete when u can have erica /Lydia?And i said BLUE alpha not green.Hershel is just meh now m8


they should at least add barker, mirabelle, carl, Shane, tough yumiko… possibly yellow zeke and yellow yumi too…even though most people have them too, would be nice for more variety.


Hershel Yvette and alpha lololol like they would ever put them in the depot


As you can see by my edit, I misread. Blue Alpha is still really good despite Michonne and what not being in the game. Hershel is severely underrated. His rush is really good, Guardian 2 is just stupid and his AS which has Focus is a killer. How is he anywhere near “meh”?

You’re asking for premier 6*s to be added to depots, lol. I have about 400k Supply Depot markers, do you think I’d be against adding those toons for my own profit? No. But it’d be a bad thing for the game in general.


Bad thing?Bad thing is scopes adding tons of super op 6*s who unballancing game and making legacy 1/2-3 months this is bad thing m8


Yeah Hershel is nowhere near meh maybe on defense but is still in most ppls offenses including mine lol


Put all the main characters in the supply depot.Get rid of 3 and 4 stars slots lower the cost by half and still have sales.Put Very good characters in Prestige 13 slot cause if u spent that much on this game you deserve those characters.


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