More Anniversary tokens?

Any more coming our way?

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Ugh you beat me to posting that lol

Lol… Yes.

There’s still 30 days left on the wheel and they will be daily login rewards for the next week or so until the end of the month. I’d also imagine they will continue to be war prizes. Beyond that, I guess we will see.


Maybe there working on a other event that alot of people have false hopes of getting a toon with them tokens involved

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This time we collect a horses a** with poop

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Probably next (cr)war rewards I guess ?

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Though the calendar says “anniversary event ends” tomorrow

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Anniversary Event Start: 2018-08-22 21:00 UTC

(Leaderboards, Collections, Year 3 Token Wheel begin)

Anniversary Event End: 2018-09-19 20:00 UTC

(Leaderboards and Candle/Cake events end.)

The Anniversary Collections will continue for a few days to allow for any late claims, and the Year 3 Token Wheel will be available for an additional month.

Anniversary Collections End: 2018-9-22 20:00 UTC

The Year 3 Token Wheel End: 2018-10-22 21:00 UTC

War will probably have tokens, but who knows, the only ones you’ll receive for sure are the daily login ones for September.


Knowing Scopely, probably not.

I would just be happy if my 30 from the second half of the event went to the right region

i heard off bad luck but this…


See that is the kind of results that scopely keep choosing to ignore…how can anyone logically say that pulls like that are just rng and fair game? There is a bug and no one will own it. I pulled 2x 5* Richard’s in a row

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I got two Richards in a row too, I feel your pain.

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Damn you could make a full Garrett team

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