More acendence medals please

please @kalishane, We need more ascendence medals, i have 3 chars to ascendence but i don´t have the medals.


Keep on surviving


I want to pull for Jessie but don’t have the tokens to ascend her so there is no point. Please give us medals so I can throw more money at you scopley.


we need box like this

help us @kalishane @CombatMan
we need more medals

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Amen to this. I need about 3000 legendary medals and a corresponding number of ascendance medals. I need to curtail my spending on this game since I already have too many characters to ascend. Scopely can have more of my money when I can ascend more characters. 5* are pointless, I’ve never pulled a 6*, so there’s just no point in spending when I already have characters I cannot use.

The Tournament Road event with medals recently was a big help, and the Bruce roadmap gives me hope for more events like it. It would also be a big help if we could buy more than one medal crate from the SR depot every day. Make it qty 3 or 5 or 10 – we’d still have to grind to get the points to buy them, but it would give people who have saved them up something to spend them on besides Adens.