More 6* Trainers

We need these to be easier to obtain. It’s really hard to level up 6*’s AR and Active Skill. We maybe get one or two of these trainers a week in milestones or tournaments. When you need about 10 to level one 6*’s AR completely. Then you need a different trainer to level the active skill. When leveling a 5* you have the chance of leveling their AR by using alike toons in the same persona but with 6*’s you can only do it with trainers. You can’t train these kind of trainers either. So you just have to wait or hope you get them in your depot and hope they’re on sale or you have enough to buy them. I know you can use Aden’s to level up 6*’s AR but these are rare and never guaranteed. @kalishane is this something that can be addressed?


I also noticed these are becoming harder and harder to get. It comes down to events like the wood chips where it would be good to get regular rewards next to the wood chips in stead of the wood chips replacing the regular reward (5* tokens, trainers etc.)

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I haven’t had a Aden from war crates for 3 wars now. No Lilith drops from the world map so far in 2018. And buying from the SDs is too expensive. The odd one here or there from a event reward/milestone just isn’t enough.
I’ve stopped making large pulls for new premier toons just because of this fact. And I’m sure I’m not alone on this.
I honestly don’t know how scopley think they’re making money by starving us of these trainers.
And the ridiculous offers that they have with one or maybe two Liliths for some stupid amount of money isn’t going to make me spend.
Time for a rethink on this one Scopes. :+1:


Bang on point. We could do with more benedicts also


I really wanted to pull for that Garret, but decided not to just because I don’t have trainers to make him useful.
And there is no way I am going to buy any of those over priced offers for trainers - I’d rather just not pull and continue as F2P till this is resolved.


Exactly my thoughts and shared by plenty in my faction as well.

Lots of us have spent more than we’d like to admit on a mobile game but all that spending has stopped until the impasse on gear, trainers and roadmaps is resolved.

We’ve funded the game through the 5* era and for some the introduction of 6* was a massive kick in the ass.

The monetization of literally everything since 6* has meant most of us just wont bother now. No premier pulls at all and certainly no chance of paying for gear and trsiners we used to get in abundance .

I’ve seen 1 aden in the last 3 wars and that was from hitting 100k where rng still fcked me as I ended up with my 9th gps.

Would love to t4 a 6* or two but no way am I paying for a canteen

You can add everything on here. Trainers, gear, food, medals, benedicts… it’s just out of control. They are stopping progression. So frustrating. I can’t t4 my shiva because I don’t have sports gauntlets. So why would I pull for Bruce or the green revive when I can’t level them? No I’m not buying your ridiculous green stash for $200 that only includes three hockey masks and not even a canteen. How sad.

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I couldn’t agree more. I have no motivation to pull for premier toons, knowing that I’ll use them in full capacity no earlier than a month.

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If there were more silver ascendance medals available I don’t think the need for 5* trainers would be as prevalent. I wouldn’t mind leveling and ascending 3* to 4* to 5* for fodder. As it stands I’m running out of toons to level and almost have to resort to 4* characters anyway.

There are a number of ways to alieviate this strain on the community. My suggestion would be, first, to add Lilith, Ulysses and the other Active skill trainers to survival road levels (starting around road #200). Then also add Ulysses to the world map. Add them all to any roadmaps’ drop list that cost more than 6 energy.

Then…create a new trainer that increases Both adrenaline rush AND active skill by 1, and give that trainer in events like war (you can still offer Lilith and Ulysses etc. but this adds another dynamic).

The quickest solution would be just give us more as rewards or milestones like x3 or x4 instead of the odd random one here or there

So 2 x CRW. 1 x regular war. And 2 x blitz wars later…

It’s a ADEN!!! Lol :sunglasses: