Morale worse than ever


When Albert wrote his letter, the morale was pretty bad amongst the community. Right now, the morale is ten times worse than back then. You’ve really screwed up this time.


Yes it is. Sick and tired of the b.s. they put us through. Lies upon lies. I have no respect for this company or any of the idiots who lie to us saying it will get better. We as a community have tried to have hope that it would get better, been patient as they “fixed wars” and other issues. They left us alone in the dark, shut us down when we try to speak the truth, and make us seem like the bad guys. Well F*** you too scopely and all your incompetent minions!


just wait until we are spammed again with two more level ups next week ZzzzzzZzzzzzz


It was the auto ban words. Starts with s…