Mood of your faction and region since CRW


What is the general mood of your faction and region since CRW?

Terrell Mood: Meh
Faction Mood: This is the end my friends

We had a 4x4 match which was absolute garbage because solid factions got pushed down to like 15th place due to faulty matching.

My faction pulled in 3rd, which resulted in worthless Jackson and 1 crate. It’s like war never even happened for us, we all are feeling either ready to retire or just meh about the game right now.

By Saturday/Sunda, normally we dominate in terms of activity, but we were filling constantly with AFK bodies just go keep going. In the old days we’d be fighting over the 8/8 spots.

Now we’re like “I don’t even want the battle crates this time”


The rewards was definitely not worth the time put in …


Your thread reminded me of a bad stuff I avoided by deleting this game, I think I should leave the forum too, since goodbye topic is a no-no, I’d just say thanks to everyone for your kindness and interesting conversations I had over here. English language practice was fun haha, goodbye everyone! I wish you all the nice things, spasibo :slight_smile:


I recommend everyone who’s still playing this thing to stop spending like a f##$$#tard. That’s the only way to face Scopely, once you do this you’re going to get a “Letter for our players”.


Sad to see you go man, best of luck out there with the Walkers.


Our mood is ok. It was a relaxing war for us as all we needed to do was still active and stay in top 6 (6 region war). The stress and resources of going for top 3 was not worth it at all so we got what we wanted.


Nooooooo, don’t go!


Wilkinson has been lukewarm at best. We like that we’re still undefeated as a region, but that counts for very little when the only thing of value there is pride. Otherwise the chats have been quiet, and it doesn’t seem like anyone’s excited for any future events. Can’t blame them - I’m not either, except for maybe the Christmas wheel if it’s f2p.


Wilkinson region here we had lots of fun, we just didn’t like all the trash talk about us cheating , I was in killer whales by the way


The mood is shit. Hardly anyone talking in gc. I sold all to the depot and deleted the game about 15 min ago. I’ll lurk here a while to watch it all burn. Best of luck to you all fighting to make this train wreck work.

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Yeah, that got old fast. That Bruce dude was enough for me to ignore the event chat all together.


Wow. Sad to see you go :frowning:

Our region (Forsyth) was previously undefeated in with 3-0 overall region wins, which means little unless put into context of this crw where we placed last out of 4 regions. It’s a kinda toxic region with little communication so I don’t know if that’s because of people quitting, people not trying for rewards, or both.

Faction is feeling pretty down about the rewards, to say the least.


What faction are you in I was in killer whales


Nice, well played :slight_smile: I’m in The Sanctuary


Y’all put up some good battles


#Merica and Murica. #M was hurt from inactivity this time, but did okay for the wars we got in. I didn’t follow up with Murica yet, jumping back later this week.


We had three dedicated players quit right after war so ya the mood isn’t good and we are number two in our region


:((( we lost 4 faction mates so far. If there`s no improvement in a very short term most of the faction will retire


Had 1/3 of a faction i’m in retire after crw and top factions obviously now are struggling to keep rosters with active people. Is it to blame for anything other than the crap rewards and milestones for events? I don’t think so


You guys were good, IDK who accused you of cheating but if it was Hank, he’s got like 5K raid losses and is usually drunk and racist and not in any good factions here on my region :slight_smile:

Which one? Lol at one point on the leaderboard both Sanctuarys were right next to each other

I was going to quit the game during CRW, but I ended up just AFKing most of it.

Level up today, YGL, don’t even really need to look at the game … since there isn’t any actual gameplay to engage me until the next war.

So I decided qutting was too much effort, I just afk auto farm some maps and wait for next year