Monthly subscription combined with 30day coin all for 10


If they lowered the price of the monthly subscription and added the coins you get from a 30 day pass scopley would make so much more money because almost every player would buy this every month. But the way it stands now no one is willing to pay 25 bucks a month for that bs


People are doing just that though, not me, unless sc somehow increased my luck in every aspect of the game it’s not worth it


If they included the monthly pass even at 25 I’d do it


I got Andrea to T4 then cancelled. I actually liked the daily pull. I got 2 6* and 1 5* ascendable in 3 months. No premiers, but Hunter, Dev, and 1 more who wasn’t notable. This is basically 250 coins per day, which is more 3.5x more than the 70 daily pass. Plus you can do a single pull in your other regions as well, so if you have a low level alt region, it actually helps getting a 4*, lol. I dont play seriously on an alt region, so it isnt any value to me. I do wish it just gave coins so I could save them for the premier toon I want to try for, vs forcing the use on whatever is available at the moment.


I also cancelled my monthly after getting Andrea to t4. I enjoyed the daily pulls, although I hated that you couldn’t save them for 10 days and do a 10 pull…never got anything good with my daily pulls…I believe I got one, non-ascendable 5*

I also enjoyed the weekly rewards of Benedict’s and lilliths etc. but they stopped doing those also.

I’m simply not going to pay 4 months of dues just for one toon and a daily pull of a 4*


i maxed tier 3 andrea and canceled it since there is no big defference between tier3 max and tier4 max. only ascendable i got on sc pull was Aiko


If only more people understood this.

And Aiko is my Waifu oWo


But, isn’t there a new sc toon coming, that requires comics to upgrade?


Its been hinted at yes by jb. But its not like you cant resubscribe. As people have stated getting a daily pull for a 4*( with the rare people who actually got a great toon) doesnt make it worth it at all. The food, materials,and roster space is nice not worth a monthly payout alone. Just another untouched feature of the game after release lol


Yes but we don’t know when and we don’t know what type and oh etc etc, you get the picture, oh no wait you don’t because Scopes like to keep us in the dark lol


First thing I did after upgrading Andrea to T4 was cancel my SC membership. Not missing it at all so far but I would consider resubscribing if they included the 30 day pass in it and lowered the price to $15 or $20.


Did the same thing.

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