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Can you give us any reason why should we pay monthly when basically zero rewards or any advantage is given? Ok we get an extra roadmap for goldbars where its not clear if goldbars will be any use later. We used to get comic books, special characters, item rewards. For a long time we didnt get anything. Those ridiculous offers to pay more noone wanted. The rooster update useless, sama for armory upgrades without mats as they drop for free everywhere. We want our special character, special roadmaps and a real worth of our money. Its quite expensive for nothing. You ask for a worth an AAA game every month.


So my question is this, if you’re so unsatisfied with the membership… why not unsubscribe? You can always join back if Scopely ever make it worthwhile, which I highly doubt they will.


And how and from where should i get information for the future rewards, and promotions? Its just random what and when they give. Anyway I do cancel as at the moment they give nothing. Zero communication and the game getting more glitchy and buggy every time they put new content in.

You’re expecting them to actually communicate with the player base? You’re asking for way too much! :laughing:



The in-game rewards are the maps for obtain the comics, the no use of materials for crafting, the extra space on the roster, the double production of resources and food and the daily pull… almost forgot the extra roadmap for gold bars…

Overall for the price i think its too expensive, a good price would be 14.99, the old players doesnt use all the effects and also the flow of the game towards SClass is so speedy that in the end the SC players doesnt receive all the value that deserves…

But yeah, if you doesnt want to subscribe you can get free until a new SC benefits goes live, its not a bad idea though.


I still think they need to merge the 9.99 monthly coin deal and the SC membership. Almost every mobile game adds currency to their monthly subs.

In the first few months we got quite good rewards, new exclusive chars, daliy login rewards, rewards for long time subscribers etc. If they wouuld at least communicate what they plan to do to keep us paying they might make money but seems they dont care losing money.

You get daily 4* too

I think You meant poo*

Daily poo is important.


Not necessarily. Sometimes that draw will be on a wheel in which you get even more worthless cakes, etc.

errmmm ,Do people actually buy things still on this old game lol?

1 plus_PNG8



Not always true I got 1 daiyu card two days in row lol.

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:rooster: :rooster: :rooster:


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What is happening here on this thread? So confused.


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