Monetize flare guns!

@JB.Scopely can we get some offers for flare guns please. Cash or coins. The rng is crazy. Some faction members have her at t4 and others haven’t even been able to ascend her.

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With about a year’s worth of FAs… It’s worth asking about getting a 6* Tara.

  • I have multiple dark earrings
  • I have received a single dark earring
  • I have never received one

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My Tara is now:

  • 6* T4
  • 6* T3
  • 6* T2
  • 6* T1
  • 5* T4
  • 5* T3
  • 5* T2
  • 5* T1
  • Who?

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I’ve been blessed with loads of red earrings, just t4’d my Tara the other day. I don’t think I’ve ever pulled a dark earring!

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jajaj tengo como 15 bengalas, e vendido muchas por comida ajaj y e sacado 2 taras de collec

Could collect earrings for 3 5* Taras so far, but the 1st one still sits at T3 (5*) the other 2 were used as fodder. Yeah the RNG is kinda crazy. Didn’t get any flare guns nor earrings since 2 months and our faction does a lot of FAs. Also the rewards (bags) of the Sweater / FA event have been like Faction LVL-UP rewards to me. So yeah, Scopely really has to do something about this lack of flare guns / earrings.

I got the 5* Tara ages ago & managed to get enough flare guns to ascend her and get her to T3, I’ve just got enough platinum earrings to pull the 6* version, which is now nothing more than an Aden/Lillith

ive collected 2 5* tara, and have 2/6 platinum earrings and have forever. ive received enough to get my 5* to 6* t2-70, need 3 more to t3.

Should be able to spend Assault earnings. Damn shame. This and the other one are a joke as far as accessibility goes.

I’m sitting on 14 (fourteen) gold earrings and 1 platinum.
I got just today the 7th flare gun, but I’m not going to claim her until I’m able to at least have her at T3.80 6*.
So still 5 platinum earrings or 6 more flare guns.

I have 9 flare guns but no Tara seems like you get 1 or the other

i waited till i could at least ascend her. i figured that would get the level up points, then if i happen to get platinum ear rings, it would be like a free lillith.

I’m one gold earring from my fourth Tara. I have two platinum earrings and eight flare guns.

My only levelled Tara is at 5 star Tier 1 Level 50, simply because I’m not wasting a single flare gun until I have enough to get her to useful (i.e. six star tier 3) on the chance that I get enough platinum earrings first.

Unfortunately you have to be in a faction that does a T6 Faction Assault once per week (every 2nd week) at least. Also, it would be beneficial if faction members let you take 1st, 2nd or 3rd rank in a FA. Just my opinion.

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At this point, I’m willing to spend coins or cash on them. Some players just don’t have any rng luck. My faction ran 8 FAs during this winter event. Same guys got at least 5… some didn’t get any. It’s just ridiculous.

… Negotiating tactics.
Offer low settle in the middle… Lol

But I get the frustration.

Finally got enough to get Tara to 6* (Took just over a year)
12 more to get a useless outdated 6* to max is gonna take how long ?
They should really be in the FA portion of the depot even if it was a very rare occurance

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They don’t need to let me get top 3 I get that almost everytime. Most factions I’m in I have 1 of the deepest rosters in the whole faction

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