Monday war blitz is ruining war experience

There’s a reason why I put the “user experience” in the quotation marks, as something like this was on my mind already, but you truly nailed it here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Monday blitz are trash personally mid week would of been a nice change maybe Wednesday or Thursday time.

Lots of players were able to hit the top milestone, so should they miss out just because others can’t play as much? If 20k is all you can do, fine, just hit the milestones that you are able to.

I do agree there should have been more weekend wars than blitz wars though, for the sake of the missions.

Personally I’ve completed all the missions except the siege one. Which I won’t do because my faction gives up too easily :laughing:


I don’t know how it works in other countries, but in mine most of sevice staff (waiters, barmans, etc) work shifts of Mon-Tue / Fri-Sun in one week, then Wed-Thu in the other. If they did a weekend war, then the blitz falling on Wed-Thu would screw those peeps over…

I will not be able to complete all of the war missions, because our faction is on steroids when it comes to filling the war queue. The only hollow time is berween 5am-1pm CET, with just 3-4 guys being regularly online, so the Mercs help out a lot in that time of day. But I don’t get to play that early, as I usually sleep late over my weekends and my mornings tend to get busy at the office.

All in all, I am able to hit maybe 30k in the Blitzes and was previously able to hit maybe 120k on weekends, lately (as we recruited more active warriors) am able to score some 80k only.

Not complaining though - for the benefit of my faction, it’s better if the fast killers are warring, compared to my slow manual fighting style they rack up significantly more points and are able to fight more wars…

I guess that’s where my faction not being super competitive helps us out. If people have hit their milestones/missions they hold back to let others get them. We try to be as active as we can but we place where we place 🤷 everyone gets a shot, not just the top hitters.

Maybe that’s why the top hitters keep leaving us :thinking: :joy:

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Well, our faction big hitters are also volunteering to step out for the others to get their milestones… It’s me who doesn’t want to take advantage of it, because push from 25k to 50k in Blitz and from 50k to 100k is a long one - need to be 100% focused on war, which I don’t like all that much, especially when I compare it with the fast matches my mates can do without me. I value the wellness of the team (and not talking about the final rank rewards only - talking about the joy of gaming first and foremost) more than my own personal gain…

I don’t see what the big deal is. Blitz has always been a weekday event with the exception of a couple of times. Yeah, the milestones used to be much lower but people used to not coin or rebuild and just let teams get onto the next fight. Just like any of it you don’t have to participate, so don’t if you don’t want to.

Everyone war experience different you know,… My faction isn’t a top faction we are a mid level faction yet we face top 10 a lot & top 20 a little less & sometimes top 30 but rarely do we get someone ranked below us or around our team strength. Top 16 is basically top 2 factions from each region. We are nowhere near the as strong as most of our opponents. Can’t really score many points when you’re camp is destroyed within 5-8 mins.

SMH you guys just are not committed enough. The Walking Dead Road To Survival is supposed to be your full time job

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Did you read a different post on the blog than I did? They communicated this up front and did exactly what they said they would (so far). They didn’t say non-stop war, they said 5 wars over 6 weeks. And they clearly said they were going to do 3 Monday blitz wars.


I get that, I’m not in a top faction either. I don’t always hit every milestone.
I’m just saying those that can score 100k+ shouldn’t have to miss out on milestones beyond 20k, just because others can’t hit more than that.


Yes, many of us are never going to finish the war event because of it.

It’s always been the same… personally I m preferring the blitz ones as they seem to be much quicker. Can fit more in even tho it’s weekday.

As everyone said you go for the milestone that you can achieve and it’s only fare you step back if needed so others can hit theirs.

The event is “working as intended” as advertised as promised.

Some wars you win some you loose… gotta know when to hold an know when to fold em

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Lol they keep increasing the milestones because spenders demand it. I guess they should make last milestone 500k since some people can hit that in 24 hours and we don’t want them to miss out on rewards. Soon we will have 10 million milestones for lvl up & 10k milestones for Raid cause spends can hit those. Having high milestone in 24 hour blitz cause of selfishness within factions. In a game where people are losing interest weekly & quitting you can’t just kick active players for selfishness because there’s not enough active players to replace them.

**Again this is why I believe new regions with better rewards & higher difficult events should be created & the transfer key should be more expensive than a regular key. Gives opportunity for those who are hardcore to achieve more without overwhelming the rest of the players with out of reach rewards.


Yes that’s why it screw me over have a 12hr shift on the Monday till 10pm :joy:

I saw the dates but didnt notice the days they actually fell on. The 1st blitz was a Thursday and it would be nice to have the days differ. Especially with the weekends in which so many have the time to play. I’m not saying that blitz war is bad in and of itself. War is war. But at least change the days they fall on. We had a 3 day onslaught for some god awful reason on the weekend when it’s usually a weekday event. How are they expecting players to reach 100 war seige wins in 24 hours when 16 of those hours are spent at work and sleeping for work

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I mean…I know they know that 90% of players are adults and 99% of the ppl that spend work for a living and arent trust fund babies. The concept and idea were good execution, that’s a different story. Should have just made every war around Friday and moved every other event to weekdays where total commitment isnt required to compete. 24 hour blitz on a friday also means they could still do there 2 day faction events on weekends

Total commitment is never required. It’s a personal choice whether you want to play or not every time.


They’re not. 100 wins is for the entire event.

I love how people assume that every working adult works Monday to Friday 9-5. There are many different types of employment. Maybe some people work weekends or have things to do on weekends and welcome a change to the schedule.

Participation isn’t mandatory. It’s only a game and it’s really not the end of the world if you miss milestones in one blitz or don’t complete one mission.