Monday Mania in shop offers but no Survival Road Refills .... sup wit dat

it’s crazy to think that we are seeing a halloween offer come back saying manic monday (on a thursday) yet during an event that uses refills that are only (normally) able to get in the shop but there is none there today

just wreaks of good business practise i say

Weird post, there have been offers up all tournament long.

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the first 8 hours of the tournament you had the offer section with 3 or 4 bags for a chance at 6 cans

you also had a 250 coin bag in the shop, for a chance at 2 guaranteed and 1 extra can … nothing else since

I say this as i want to buy more just for the Xp token push

right now there is no current survival road refill offer or shop purchase

I felt this way during this past weekend’s CRW. They only had war can bags for coins up for the first half of war.

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You must be in the wrong bucket Clem. I’ve had this offer up the entire time. :wink:


I already bought them when they come up. Usually theres a 12 hour window on when they change over or refresh

so you bought all the offers and now you are complaining there are not more? Seems like a whale problem, offers always end when you buy them all


Start you week off strong or whatever the in game offers say

i bought the 3 bags and got all 2s … not a whale problem … less than £7 i think

by using tokens on the lower levels and having xp spots you get max xp rather than using world cans … you get 650 coins every OTHER level you upgrade too, this all helps with survivors and food etc

not a whale problem to want more than 6 survival road refills

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