Moment of silence please

Can we all have a moment of silence for my faction mate. He died as he lived…
Screwed over by his own devices.

rip chronos :cry::cry::cry:
You will be forever mocked


What region are you in!? My region won with 750k


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I did warn him that sleeps for the weak. But feel free to mock him. :joy::joy::joy:

I’m kinda glad this isn’t another melodramatic thread about the game or some aspect of it being dead.

Having said that, sorry about your mate, hope he’s able to get whatever he wants from the museum despite the narrow miss there

RIP. I’ll see him at The Crossroads :disappointed_relieved:

It was all Chronos’ fault

This makes me happy. I hope he spent a lot of money.

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I had a similar upset but it was a solo lvl up

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Now that’s just unfair. Getting the exact same amount of points as the guy in 2nd place but receiving the same prize as the guy in #10 spot? Ouch.

Yeah I thought it would be a push and both would get second place prizes but support said it’s whoever gets there first gets it. He got skylar and one extra benny but I pulled dual smg rosita(first place reward in the following LU) so I wasn’t too upset. I do one lvl on a 1* every SLU since, just incase you know😄

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“This makes me happy. I hope he spent a lot of money.” -Scopely