Mods on Romanov


I’ll be using Romanov behind rick on attack, and I’m trying to figure out what the best mod setup is. I know I’m gonna put attack on whether it’s a mod or an attack set, but I’m stuck between hp or def. Here is a few pics of the mods I can use…

Any input would be awesome. Thanks!



So apart from using search - use burn instead of reflect. I would add HP and Defense. And change attack vs blue to vs red.


Do you think he’s better than Naya or lacerator Shiva?
I tried a team with all of them and Rick lead and doesn’t work better than my slower but safer Erika/Garrett lead team.


What if you don’t have Erika? I don’t! I have 4 rows of other toons and it’s all about maximizing your potential with what you have available. That’s best way to learn. So sure, whatever works for you, whatever you like to play with.


Yeah, OFC, I’m just testing combinatios with what I have.

There are plenty of ways for attacking. Defense is pretty much straightforward and requires shields + revives, not f2p friendly. Attacking allows for more strategy, but I find some characters difficult to fit (Naya, for example, is great on paper, but she’s pure damage and needs some control around her).


To be honest, if you’re running attack set with defence and HP modifiers, it’s about the same (when they are gold and maxed) as running a defence set with attack and HP modifiers or HP set with attack and defence modifiers. So the only change would be to double up on attack boost (to make him hit hard) or defence boost (to make up for his weakness)

As for the rest, I would just start with as many golds as possible to increase the set bonus. That imo is more valuable than a bronze or silver mod with a particular skill.

Impair resist is useful as you’ll be hitting blues. AP down is always nice. Stun resist because you probably run him against ranged teams. Agree that attack vs blues is probably not the best use, maybe defence vs Green or attack vs red to improve against ranged teams.


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