Mods on Romanov?


Just got him leveled up proper and was trying to decide whether to put def or hp mods on him. I thought def bc of his taunt. Just looking for some feedback from those who have used him. Thanks.

Mods on Romanov

I went with defense and a little hp. With his self heal he stays alive for the whole match


Quizás sería interesante meter de vitalidad conjunto y mod defensa, ya que al curar se curará más.


Full glasscannon imo. Stun, impair or confuse resist if u feel like its needed.


Thoughts on AR def boost vs AR att vs other, since he’s going to be taunting?

Glasscannons are great until someone touches them. He’s likely paired with a Zeke and a Rick lead, meaning he needs

full stats:
Attk: 2000 (or 3,640 with Rick & default weapon)
Def: 1177
HP 1741 (dont touch so he gets guardian)

AR: 76
4th with no lead / weap
3rd round w/ only Rick
2nd with V.Large or Huge AR att + Rick (…or command)
…Something nice about his AR going off every 3rd turn

Anyone know the math for a def AR need?


If he has guardian he won’t be getting hit making his special not so useful. I would try the bonus hp set for mods with some damage if u plan on using him in lots of attacks but on defense not a chance had a Friend make a really good defense with him but he just wasn’t useful for that role.


On berserkers try to get graze mod on def or on HP, works well with Anna also


Offense or defense.

Offense pure atk baby. Kill kill kill. Nothings worse than coming up short on a kill shot.

Defense. Defense defense defense. Slim chance he survived round 1. If he does he’s primed to slay.


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