Mods Mods and more Mods

Please more space, more management. Honestly I have no need for bronze or most silver mods, let use just sell the crate, why waste all that time.

Need more space, scrapes are so limited, I don’t have enough to see if some gold mods will be lucky or trash. I am up to over 850 gold mods. Double the limit please.

We also need to be able to level them up from the main search.


Edit: Post below is wrong at best, total horseshit at worse. Do not read. Nothing to see here. Move along please

Interesting tip, if you level a bronze or silver mod to level 5 or 6 and then sell it, you get more scrap than if you just sold it at Level 1.

It’s not huge amounts but with the current event on its a profitable way to get the masks

Why do you need 850 gold mods admittedly that is only 170 characters worth when we can have many more in our roster, but are you really ever using that many mods on that many characters? Sell the low ones as you max ones with higher values.


Kanaima, did you account for the materials you need to use to level it to 5/6 too? I don’t have any bronze or silver mods at the moment to test

Bronze Mod takes 127 scraps to lvl5 (assuming they level up first time)
Sells for 327

Lvl1 bronze mod sells for 200

No benefit in lvling bronze mods


Hmmm, considering what @Karl_Vella said, it appears I was talking shit…

I definitely noticed a net increase in scrap when I was levelling and selling mods, but I think my post above confuses the fact that you get a base amount of scrap for selling. Who knows.

At least level up bronze mods for free. No idea re silver or gold mods


Umm why are you keeping bronze mods sell them all lol

I don’t open them. Just leave them in inventory, with most of the other ‘rewards’

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I checked a silver one quickly, I think it is equal.

I think I got confused because spending 127 scraps to level and mod and then selling it for 327 scrap obviously gets me more scrap than I spent - but not more than just selling the Level 1 mod…

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