Mods help please im lost

Can someone help me understand mod

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Welcome! What are you trying to do?

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Maybe start with this?


For some reason I can’t seem to understand which mods are best for each character I’ve tried reading about them but nothing I’ve seen has really helped me im not sure why I’m having such trouble with it I also lost have my rooster because I was confused about what the acsending feature did so wanted to try it and was a little disappointed when the character i got wasn’t even worth the ones I lost lol

Ok, very very simplistic guidelines to get you started:

For your attackers who use weapons to do damage (as opposed to bleed/burn/maim/whatever), maximize their attacking stats. Use an attack set or a crit set.

For tanks, maximize their defenses. Use a defense set or a HP set.

A bit more subtle/situational:
If your toon does multiple hits, put on a mod that can help on every hit: AP drain, bleed, burn.
If your toon will not often hit (maybe they should command or buff others, but you don’t need them to hit), go with mods that don’t need a hit to benefit (graze).

Resist mods can change with the meta. Stun resist was super important, then when Zachary was meta the maim resist was super important, now with Angel a daze resist can be super important. If you don’t know which resist to put on someone go with this guideline: A super high attacker who can take out your whole team if confused will benefit from a confuse resist. Anyone else can benefit from a stun resist.

And finally the most important advice:
Use friendly duels extensively during free mod removal. And if you’re on Line, I can get you into a couple chat rooms that can help.



Someone posted these up on one of my line groups. Can’t remember who to give credit. Hope they help.

Thank u

OK thanks

Really nice roster for a new acc

Thanks I had more before I tried out the acsending part but I only lost my 4 star characters so now I just use most I get for leveling up my main ones I think I’m catching on lol