Mods Free removal day or one total reset button a month


I think either 1 or these 2 things should be implemented.

1, 1 day every month or 2…a free removal mod day should exist.

2, 1 token to removal all mods given every 1/2 months.

Mods are supposed to be fun, make profit and make your rosters highly customisable.
By limiting the ability to play around and move mods over you are also limiting the fun.
I also think more profit could be made when players realise the mods there missing and encourages them to expand the possibilities.

Atm I think you have turned people away from full utilising them…
From one month to the next a main teaser may be replaced or a function you want a toon to have changes.
You need to give players some space to be creative…and figure out what they want to aim for/buy.

(I realise this isn’t the 1st time this has been suggested. I feel it should get more attention.)


None of this bs. Just remove the cost period!


I’ll take free remove once a month. Free all the te won’t happen


Yeah it should be free but…I’d take once a month.

It’s fun to step up you toons…should restricted it so much.

I’m not buying scrap to remove mods…it’s ridiculers.
There’s no money to be made using scrap like that,
Should be levelling up mods only.


It needs to be free. Not being able to swap them at will forces you to use the same team over and over.

In fact I want to take it one step farther and say anyone in a single group should be able to equip mods from your entire collection. Just like weapons.

Imagine having to craft a stun gun for every single red toon you own or having to pay a fee every time you wanted someone else to use the weapon.

This game is so fundamentally broken on almost every level and the fact that people are willing to accept crumbs and even worse pay for things that should be free.


No counter argument.


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