Mods for DR.Stevens?

Hey guys

Would You go hard HP mods because of the HP weapon? So it will be even more boosted or split it little up between def and hp?

I’ve mine with anti-daze and anti-stun

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Yes, I dont have ANTI DAZE - yet… Have Anti Stun though…

But would you go with HP mods or like me DEF mods?

The weapon gives 40% HP - maybe it will be better boost HP even more?

have you ever modded a team, or built a team with out posting on here asking what to do with each toon?


What should I else do with a forum? Hate on scopley for every their move in the game?


No harm in asking for help. If go with defense set def, def vs green or red, resist Stun, graze and until you have daze resist maybe hp or resist confuse/taunt. Personally I’d recraft his weapon with def and ap while defending


Nm just saw its 5 star now

Id still go def set but use hp mod

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Like this ?:

Well right set but id go with stun in bottom right, def center, graze bottom left and def vs red/green in top right

Tho I don’t know what team you use or if you’re more interest in offense or defense

Nothing wrong with tapping in to people’s knowledge :hugs:

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There is a line group that is full of very helpful and hugely experienced toon/team builders if you are interested @KamilDenmark

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Yeah why not … What it is called ?

works for me

No to the abs def though

thats awful lol

I kept his std. 3 slot, so whenever he get hits, it boost AR to teammates. So now I need TeamPlayer on both as 4 slot.

This guy is the new and improved Kooland everyone

My def says otherwise. And the abso is for atk. Keeps james from killing me as i run no revive