Mods for Dr. Stevens

Hi Everyone,

I got lucky with the $1 pull and got Dr. Stevens. Can I get some input from the community on the mod set up? I would like to use him on a Def and Attack team. I use a human shield on both teams.


def or hp set, hp mod, def mod, defence vs strong mod, impair or stun resist, and either graze or AP down

I went huge on both and then no more room

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middle mods is daze resist

I like but I’d put a blue resist I’m more scared of priya than crista

Apples and oranges. Priya is squishy

I one shot docs with priya and yellow att…

I destroy petes with my camila and doc team. So like i say apples and oranges

She get destroyed by aarav

Now you talking apples to moons. We talking about doc most ppl are going to mod crista with with green att mod for massive waste nots off james.

Do you think it would be more beneficial to have 2 resist mods on Stevens? (impair and stun, or stun and taunt, or etc)?

Stun and daze resist if you have. Also of you have command maggie she clears impair so you can concentrate on other mods for Stevens

Don’t have maggie but that is definitely a good point about other toons active skill that can clear up status effects. Thanks for putting that into consideration.

Why daze resist? Makes absolutely no sense if you’re using him on attack

is for defence against priya


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That’s what I do for mine if you willing to copy

Thanks appreciate the screenshot!

Any time bro . You want Cameron? Lol
Just kidding.

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