Mods Date? Before or after war?

Hi @kalishane,

With the latest update being released last week, and presumably forced update already happening (or happening soon) , should we expect to see mods ahead of this weekends war or is the team planning to wait until after?

Thank you for the response.


When has that stopped anything?

6* buff happened immediately before a war, so I suspect so will mods, aka, 6* buff: The Sequel.


They should give 100 connie tokens to first place


Wars not till Saturday so no they haven’t shown rewards yet. Hopefully we get them in time to test them out

I’d believe after war, wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

I would guess they atleast wanted everyone o the same build for war. Having multiple builds can create conflicts, like last war, should any underlying code have been altered effecting that feature.

Whether they unlock mods or not is the question. We already (presumably) have the code necessary to use them. I would also assume the calculations are already in use as well (just no bonuses applied yet).

I’d actually have a huge laugh.

Right in there with the hp gauge alterations, the multiturn heal, the stun lasting 2x the desired length, the matchmaking getting broken, the multiple instance queuing incident, the beta not being able to attack, etc etc.

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