Mods “critical success”

Hi guys, simple question:

Is there something one can do to increase the chance to get a “critical result” in mods leveling?

79% and 55% is a huge gap… is it completely random or is it possibile to manipulate it someway?



I may have this completely wrong - but my understanding of the way Mods work is that they function like lottery Scratch tickets, ( you know the ones, where you scratch the panel, and if three images match that’s the prize you get) So when you get a new mod, it already has a predetermined value, and you use mod scraps, to reveal what that value is.

So in short the answer is no, it cannot be manipulated. As far as I follow it.


I use psychic influence to make mine roll higher but that isn’t a proven method

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Vitalogy has it right.

There is one thing you can do to get a higher outcome: get a max mod. Scopely occasionally have those as rewards or offers. Everything will be max once you level it.

Other than that, it’s just get more mods for more chances at getting a better result.


My favorite are the platinum mods that end up worse then my gold because of rng. So basically just about every single one I own. In my entire game career I have never made a max mod that wasn’t sold that way


Except for the stat mods (atk, def, hp) and the one-off lifesteal, gold and platinum have an overlap, albeit the platinum floor is higher, but less than a max gold mod. So as others have noted, often you’ll have better gold mods since you’ve had alot more tries at getting a good one vs the rare times you level a platinum one.

Leveling mods is almost as fun as weapon crafting, but without the delay for disappointment :joy: :rofl:


May I ask to Mr. Scopely for a “15% mod level up critical chance” territory? :thinking:

is it a stupid idea?

I mean… at the moment you can get a random result between +5% and +17% at 5, 10 and 15 level.
something like “15% chance to have a result above 11%”

It would make me think that RNG doesn’t exist :pensive:

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Mod values are predetermined as others have said. This territory would not benefit or change anything. If they were to change how mod values were determined then a territory like this might be helpful but I think it’s a long shot for them to change how mod values are programmed.

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Would be a great move though.

It also wouldn’t help most of us as the highest level factions would keep the territory 24/7/365.

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I honestly haven’t seen any faction in the regions I’ve been in hold any territory uncontested for more than a few hours. Besides this recent glitch with George or special territories for events which are a different case

The whole concept of mods is to have a wide range per mod in the first place so players continuously play to earn mods or buy them in hopes of getting a mod that’s on the higher end.

The pic below shows the wide range. These ranges translates to the Lvl 5, 10, and 15 of the mods when they have the chance to break your heart or get you excited.

There was a exploit that I know at least one top faction used back in the day (honestly don’t know who it was…was an euro faction tho…faction mate left for there and told secrets), kinda surprised it never got out… involved bluestacks and airplane mode. Get on bluestacks put it in airplane mode, Keep some mods in your inbox, and you can/could quickly go to your inbox open the mod and see what it was (apparently each person has a list of mods… open a bronze mod from inbox and its something like stun resist you could just reset your game from bluestacks/airplane mode and then open a gold/platinum mod from inbox and it would be the stun resist) once its in your inventory it will always be what ever mod it was from an invisible list we can’t see. I think you could even quickly go in and see how good the mod actually is/was

Been retired for over a year now, come back to the fourms every now and then to see if its worth coming back… and the answer is always a resounding NO

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